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Individual memberships provide access to a fresh activity within every topic each month. Topics span arts and crafts, coding, creative writing, dance, environmental, film making, getting active, LEGO, music and photography.

£9.50 per month

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Creative Activity Updates Limited to one project in each creative activity One project per month for every creative activity
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Individual Membership: Opens 8th July 2021. This membership benefits from the whole range of creative topics with monthly updates to the entire creative activities, access to our archive as well as AppShed. You also have access to our Bronze, Explore and Discover Arts Award programmes, subject to member age.


Parents, Schools, Home Educators and Clubs if you want to know more about how Neurons can help inspire young people to be creative, build on their creativity and develop independent learning skills then jump to the sections written for you. If you need more information then get in contact with us, there is always a member of the team around to help.