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Projects. Peers. Passion. Play

Every Neurons activity follows the constructionist principles of Professor Mitchel Resnick’s Creative Learning Spiral and his philosophy of projects, peers, passion and play outlined below.


Children learn best when they are actively working on meaningful projects – generating new ideas, designing prototypes and refining iteratively.


Learning flourishes as a social activity, with children sharing ideas, collaborating on projects and building on one another’s work.


When children work on projects they care about, they work longer and harder, persist in the face of the challenges and learn more in the process.


Learning involves playful experimentation – trying new things, tinkering with materials, testing boundaries, taking risks, and iterating again and again.


Parents, Schools, Home Educators and Clubs if you want to know more about how Neurons can help inspire young people to be creative, build on their creativity and develop independent learning skills then jump to the sections written for you. If you need more information then get in contact with us, there is always a member of the team around to help.