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Half term activities

This coming Autumn half-term we are excited to be offering some free creative activities. These will span a range of topics and will be available through links that activate on the dates displayed.

A collection of hands on nature art

Try your hand at Neurons photography

Sketchbook fun, do at home or join us at March Braza Club 10am-1pm

Have a go at Neurons Environmental

A world of creative design

Bring your activity sheet to our March market stall 10am-1pm for prize!

Activity tracker

Track your progress this week by downloading our activity tracker.

If you share it with us at the end of the week on social media, we’ll send you a certificate.

Or come along to March Market on Saturday 30th October from 10am-1pm for a sweet treat!

Instagram / Facebook: @neuronscreativeworld

The fun and learning can continue

Our taster membership is a great way to appreciate the value of a full Neurons membership. Why not sign up for free now. No payment details are needed.


Parents, Schools, Home Educators and Clubs if you want to know more about how Neurons can help inspire young people to be creative, build on their creativity and develop independent learning skills then jump to the sections written for you. If you need more information then get in contact with us, there is always a member of the team around to help.