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Age: Who is Neurons for?

For children in Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

Key Stage 1 children may also join but may need support from an adult or sibling.

If you are not sure which ages the key stages relate to, check the Government website. Each activity has a clear structure and is designed around the well respected educational principles of Mitchel Resnick’s Creative Learning Spiral which encourages learning, experimentation and sharing on our secure space for children. We want to encourage parents, grandparents, group leaders and older siblings to support the child’s creative journey. 


Parents, Schools, Home Educators and Clubs if you want to know more about how Neurons can help inspire young people to be creative, build on their creativity and develop independent learning skills then jump to the sections written for you. If you need more information then get in contact with us, there is always a member of the team around to help.