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Starting your journey into the exciting world of film making

Pot Luck 1: Film making 30-second edit

Film making is a a broad topic. There are many different skills used in film making. In this activity, you will be introduced to cinematography (which means recording the individual film clips) and editing (which means using the clips to build the final film, advert or programme).

This activity is going to challenge you to record some separate shots (a shot means pressing the record button, filming something and then pressing the record button again to stop the recording) and editing them together to make a very short film. Your goal is to create a film of you, or somebody else, walking to and opening a door. Sounds simple, but when making it look interesting as a short film it becomes huge fun!

The activity uses a free online film-editor called Clipchamp. While we have taken great care in producing this activity, there may in the future be slight changes made to Clipchamp. If so, please contact the neurons team and let us know.

Nurture these skills: What's This?

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