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Neurons is a safe online learning space that is home to a world of creativity, designed to help your child develop a range of 21st-century essential skills, crucial to their education, wellbeing, and future career development. As well as having loads of fun, it’s also out of this world! 🌎 ✨


Children will be better prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing world if they are given opportunities to develop strong essential skills alongside core subjects in school. This will see them transition smoothly to secondary education. Neurons provides an experience through its activities and community that enables children to develop to the full at each phase of their growth. This is why a Neurons membership is an essential resource for every primary-aged child.

Our topics include LEGO, Arts and Crafts, Creative Writing, Coding and so many more!


Neurons is a home based activity, not school. With activities for the kitchen table, lounge floor, road trips, walks on the beach and a stroll in the park, Neurons is a great way to engage your child in creative activities wherever they are outside of school.


The education system focuses on exam grades over developing essential skills. Essential skills are scrutinised as adults when universities and employers seek leadership, problem-solving, creative thinking, analytical thinking, and team-working skills in their candidates. It’s no secret to anyone pursuing further education that you’ll be in need of essential skills and experience, as well as qualifications. Excelling in these skills evokes confidence and makes a difference in interviews and career progression, helping your child stand out from the other candidates with similar qualifications. That process of developing essential skills needs to start from primary age.


Neurons activities provide easy ways for novices to get started, but also, ways for them to work on increasingly sophisticated projects over time. Our activities also provide scope for children to complete activities in more than one way. As such our activities have low floors (no prior knowledge needed), wide walls (more than one way to crack an egg) and high ceilings (room to expand knowledge and skills beyond initial task).

All of our activities, such as our still life photography activity, encourage creative thinking


Our use of the creative earning spiral, alongside encouraging members to share their creations through the creative community, means each activity becomes a source of inspiration, not just one isolated activity that is finished, ticked, and forgotten. The consistent structure of every Neurons activity, across all of our topics, empowers children to use their own inspiration and imagination during play. It is here they will experience deep learning, develop essential skills, and experience growth in self-esteem.


Our Full Neurons Membership offers a 60-day trial and costs only Β£5.49 per month thereafter. This is comparable with the weekly cost of many other clubs and activities. Your child will have access to all of our existing activities across all topics as well as receiving one new activity in each topic every month. Neurons membership will help your child remain resilient to the many challenges of a rapidly changing world which is a comfort to every parent looking to support their child in life, as well as seeking fun activities for them to immerse themselves in after school and on weekends. πŸ€—


Neurons stands out within the creative learning sector due to our commitment to help children develop these all-important essential skills. Take a look at the table below to see how we compare.



Neurons comparison


  • £5.49 a month

  • 7+

  • Emphasis on essential skills ✅

  • Supports literacy development

BBC Bitesize

  • Free

  • 5+

  • CSGE support across curriculum

  • No focus on essential skills ❌

Atom Learning

  • £9.99 a month

  • 7+

  • GCSE Support in English, maths and science

  • No focus on essential skills ❌

Khan Academy

  • Donate or free

  • 7+

  • Library of lessons covering math, science, and more

  • No focus on essential skills ❌


  • $9.92 a month

  • 6+

  • Writing tool designed to help literacy skills

  • No focus on essential skills ❌


  • $27 a month

  • 16+

  • Professional progression from Neurons at appopriate age

  • A strong focus on essential skills ✅

βœ… LinkedIn is a natural progression from Neurons, sharing the same aims and benefits


It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. It’s interesting fun and enjoyable!

Really fun, I would do it all day if I could!


Have you got a question about our activities, memberships, policies, or something else? You might find your question has been answered here. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for then please email us as Neurons.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» FAQ

Who owns Neurons?

Neurons is the property of 20Twenty Productions CIC, a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to support the social mobility of children and young people through creative learning, social action and wellbeing based projects. To find out more about 20Twenty Productions, visit us at

How safe is Neurons?

Child safety is our top priority. The only communal area, the Creative Community, is moderated by our staff and is subject to a one-strike policy. All members have been verified through their payment method. All members demonstrating behaviours that break our member policy will be immediately excluded.

Will we need to buy additional resources?

We believe that learning should be inclusive. To that end we have made every effort to keep the costs of additional materials and resources to an absolute minimum. We hope and believe that in the majority of cases the typical British household will already have everything found in the activity description.

Will my child need support to complete an activity?

No two children are the same, and for this reason many children will be able to complete our activities with very little support, others may need some guidance from a parent, guardian or sibling.

How many activities are there?

The Full and Premium Memberships have access to one new activity in each topic every month. We will also have additional guest activities throughout the year for your child to enjoy as well as the new video library which we will continue to expand.

How many trial periods can I have?

Subscribers are entitled to one trial membership for the stated period. There are no options to extend, suspend or repeat.

Is Neurons used in schools?

The activities made available through a Neurons membership are not and will never be available within schools. While 20Twenty Productions, the creator of Neurons, deliver a wide range of creative learning programmes directly into schools, the specific activities differ in content and context. Nevertheless, Neurons and our schools based activities share the same vital goal, which is to provide children with a range of creative learning activities that nurture essential skills in a fun and engaging manner. After all, learning, should be nothing but fun.

Are the creative activities linked with the English Curriculum?

The activities are not mapped to any standardised curriculum. However, the skills that young people develop and the understanding they gain from Neurons activities will benefit them back in school. Most of the subjects we cover – from coding to dance – are in the National Curriculum and will complement any school timetable.

Do I need a computer to access Neurons?

Neurons will work on a smartphone, tablet (such as an iPad or Chromebook), laptop (Windows or MAC) or desktop computer (Windows or MAC). Given it is an online creative space, an Internet connection will also be needed. If you don’t have this type of access, your local library may allow access to an Internet connected computer.



Our creative activities are available to all Full and Premium Members. Activities cover a wide range of topics including Arts & Crafts, LEGO, Coding, Music, Photography and many more. Jump onto an activity and have a go.


We are inviting all members to win this fabulous prize. Enter our Creative Writing competition to win a Raspberry Pi computer and monitor. Create your own poem as per the activity, and then send your poem to us as explained in the competition guidelines.


We are now starting to develop a range of video courses for Premium Members that introduce children to creative subjects in greater depth.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Online safety

Safety is our primary concern. Read about the steps that we have in place to protect the community.